Mutual Funds - Growing your investment value through the ups and the lows of market

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Has the turbulent market taken its toll on your investments? How about being a winner at all times be it the highs or the lows. How about gaining heavily when the market is at its peak as well as when it has tanked out. Unbelievable isn't it? But you definitely can be an all-time gainer. How? Through asset allocation.

Asset allocation or asset mix in simple terms means diversifying your investment portfolio in such a manner that the negative impact of your investment in a particular sector of funds is offset by the positive impact in another with the result that the overall value of your investments does not show a negative growth.

It is the proportion of equities, bonds, stocks, etc you hold in your portfolio. Financial experts opine that as a prudent investor your portfolio must consist of an assorted mix of investments that can help you hold your own in case of turbulent times.

More investment avenues means more risk: Unlike the past, in today's complex financial investment market there are several avenues to invest your money and multiply returns. And each of them has its inherent risks too. While some may aim at quickly maximizing returns for instance stock investments, for others it is safety of principal that is of prime concern.

In such a situation it would be foolish to invest all your money in a single investment avenue since a loss in that sector may mean a huge colossal loss. So as the famous saying goes- Do not ever put all your eggs in one basket. In other words even if you plan to invest in fixed deposits - say an amount of Rs 30,000 it makes more sense to spread out your investment into small amounts of Rs 10,000 rather than invest the entire lot as a single deposit.

Have a Diversified investment portfolio: To maximize your returns at the same time bring down your risk, the ideal solution would be to have a diversified investment portfolio. That way you will not have to worry about any given asset class, earning negative returns since your risk will be spread.

Step I: If you are at the prime of life say around 22 years you could consider investing a major amount of your money in stocks and the rest spread out in mutual funds and bonds. At that age you are prone to be more enthusiastic and have the drive for quick returns. That way as time passes you would have made windfall gains through 70 per cent of investment in stocks and the balance locked up in more secure investments. Given a thought to insurance? Buy insurance now. It makes sense to buy insurance at the earliest. Not only for tax purposes, but ascertain your requirements and buy accordingly but why complain if tax benefits come along. Given a thought to Retirement Planning

Step II: Over a period of time you may enter family life. Having your own family and providing for your children's comforts will take priority. And in no way can you compromise. Expenditure mounts and the amount of risk you can take with your investment in stocks may come down to a certain extent. By this time you have already gained a tidy sum by investing in stocks and those windfall gains you have made will come in handy. Besides you would also have covered yourself against any and every risk sufficiently through insurance.

There will also be a rise in your salaried income. So you may choose to have a more balanced portfolio with investments in select equities only. Also you may have timed your investment returns to match the requirements of your family for a lumpsum at certain stages of life.

Through the right asset allocation mix you will be a better gainer than those who have been banking only on equities or on a single asset lot to maximise their returns.

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